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Our Associates

About Porter Track - Porter Track is your answer to a car tracking system that works and is easy to use! We have the car tracking system that will show you the physical location of your car on a map anywhere, anytime. In other words, the features that you will enjoy include:
•    Real Time Tracking
•    Speed Monitor
•    Stop/Start Engine
•    Panic Button(s)
•    Tampering Alarm
•    Internal Battery








Web Applications

Visual Effects :

Drawblankfx  (  is a 3d-2d digital production company based in Nairobi, who specialize in post-production visual effects for feature film and advertising productions. Frepac Tech pride's it's self in outsourcing this important service from DRAWBLANKFX TEAM.The Video Reels Running on this website are entirely from their vfx DEMO Reels from previous projects rendered to clients. For more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it |

Social Application: Social media cannot be ignored. It has become as much a part of our lives as E-mail and Mobile phones. Because of its the large population of social networks such as facebook and twitter social media can be a powerful marketing and publicity tool for organizations, politicians, artistes and businesses. Interaqtive Studios (Affiliate partner) can create for you a social marketing strategy that can take you, your product or your service to the next level. And its more than just creating a twitter account, making facebook "fan page" or adding a like button to your site. Its about engaging your target audience on a personal level but at a larger scale and making you stand out from the



About us

Frepac Tech is a Branding and marketing  agency providing market solutions.For inquiries Email
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Recent Works

Our 3D logo and a Nissan matatu common in East Africa .